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SunKings are a 4 piece Perth based band with more experience than any of us can accurately calculate.

The band members, Miles Petering (Guitars & Vocals), Richard Koek (Bass & Vocals), Pete Smith (Drums & Vocals) and Reg Cribb (Vocals and Acoustic Guitar) combine to give SunKings access to a huge range of material. 

Best suited to Parties, Functions, and Pubs, SunKings also put together formats for Quiz Nights and Fund Raisers.

Click onto the play button below to hear 4 short examples of songs that we currently cover.

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Click HERE if you are having trouble playing our demo on your browser.

HERE  is a list of songs can be downloaded as an example of some of the songs in SunKing's repertoire.

Enquires and bookings can be made by clicking the EMAIL link above.